Cloud Hosting & Designs

Public Cloud is very quickly becoming the engine house of most businesses both small, medium and large like in the case of snapchat using the google cloud network. AG-Placid Network administrator have expert level competence in the following cloud technologies: Google, Amazon, Digital ocean, Ovh, Vultr, Azure, Linode. We can help you build whatever application you want.

Furthermore, if we design and build private cloud network for customers and organisations, we use the following technology for most of our cloud network depending on what the customer or organisation prefer: Azure, Openstack, Fusionsphere.To cater for our customers across Nigeria, AG-Placid is planning to launch her own public cloud by the 4th quarter of 2019

Web Development

 We are experts in most aspect of web development because of our rich experience, in most cases we help the customer to build the business case or refine it as the case maybe. We help our customer understand each process which in turn improves the quality of their input. We have experience project managers that will make any identified risk can be eliminated, controlled or minimised. We handle the entire process from quality requirement analysis, End user experience, Graphical User Interface design, coding and testing. AG-Placid develops both web Apps and mobile Apps, we undertake payment integration for ecommerce Web application. We have within the organisation skill set in the following development languages: Python, PHP, JAVA, Go, HTML. We have done several work using the following databases: PostgreSQL, Mysql, SQL, Oracle, MemSQL, Reddis, Mongo, CouchDB.
We also work with the following opensource platforms: Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Prestashop, Oscommerce

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Modern businesses require robust IT platforms to power their business operations to make it easier for them to service their customers, manage their staff and be more profitable. ERP platforms do just that, as a result more and more companies now build ERP capable web applications as their websites fulfilling the front phasing function of marketing the business to its customers and potential customers while the backened handles all aspect of the business including analytics and artificial intelligence.  ERP systems track business resources—cash, raw materials, production capacity—and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll. The applications that make up the system share data across various departments (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) that provide the data. ERP facilitates information flow between all business functions and manages connections to outside stakeholders.
AG-Placid specialise is building ERP based web applications, depending on your business requirement, we will produce a set of APIs for you to offer top level integration to your system to vendors and also build mobile Apps. We work with the following technologies and more to build ERP based web Applications: Zoho ERP, Odoo, Sugar CRM...
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Networking is part of our core offering, we handle both design and implementation of networks. AG-Placid has a team of experience certified engineers who deploy and manage customers networks on a daily basis. We work mostly with the following vendors technologies: Cisco, Huawei, Mikrotik, Juniper, Extreme, ubiquiti, Mimosa, TP-Link, Draytek, Aruba, Ruckus

Software and Hardware Supplies

AG-Placid has a lot of vertical and horizontal collaborative partnership both in the area of hardware and software. For most items we distribute or resell, we have very quick turnaround time between the time the order is placed and when the items are delivered except for custom bespoke solution that require timeline for delivery. AG-Placid stock and distribute products for the following manufacturers: Huawei, HP, Microsoft, Adobe, Vidyo, Polycom, Cisco, Juniper, Dell, Adobe



      AG-Placid work with a lot of high profile vendors, manufacturer of networking, computing devices and software; we are well positioned to offer our customers high quality and objective advice on any ICT related project. In certain situation, AG-Placid offer free training to her client in order to enable them appreciate and understand better the quality of the advise they would receive. We base our project consulting method on the tried, tested and trusted project management model of Project in Controlled Environment (PRINCE2). We offer consultancy services on:
      Network design and implementation
      Business continuity and disaster recovery
      Network Security
      Application Development
      Organisational IT training for strategic managers
      Change management
      Product Development
      Research and development
      Smart IOTs and Smart cities
      We ensure that we not just help you to take the right ICT decision but also help ensure that the business case is good enough to avoid waste. We probe and listen to your business heartbeat in this way, you can be sure of getting value for money spent and making only changes that move your organisation further.
      AG-Placid expert will measure and evaluate your operations defining ways of achieving IT transformation benchmarking our plan with industry leaders. You stand to benefit from our expertise and so many years of experience in the field, which means when we consult for you, we are directly transferring our hands on knowledge to your team.  
       For more information about this service please contact our sales team

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