We are a technology-driven company committed to satisfying customer needs for IT solutions through innovative research and development. Our wealth of experience built over the years is invaluable, this gives us a good sense of direction, the right contacts, focus and professionalism to deliver in complex yet challenging environment.

AG-Placid is an innovative and dynamic organization that believes in the best use of technology to achieve customer satisfaction. AG-Placid makes technology work for her customers; as a means of achieving a higher level of service delivery, marketability, profitability, cost minimization and accessibility to the global village.While working in First Bank Nigeria as a relationship manager for e-banking and card products, the CEO of AG-Placid was able to achieve serious breakthrough in delivering internet banking and other electronic products to the Nigerian market that was very wary and skeptical of electronic/internet based financial services at the time. It is this conviction and determination that sets us apart from our competitors.

AG-Placid is an innovative and dynamic organization that believes in the best use of technology to achieve customer satisfaction. AG-Placid makes technology work for her customers.

AG-Placid is an innovative organisation that has invested a lot of her time and other valuable resources to analyse and develop very effective and efficient green and renewable energy solutions to satisfy the ever-expansive needs of her customers and the environment. As an entity we do realise the responsibility we owe to the environment we live. Available research shows that power is a very chronic problem in the market in which AG-Placid operate, it is also common knowledge that most people prefer to use the cheap and quick fix solution of generating set to solve their energy problems but @ AG-Placid we know the effect of CO2 to the mother earth hence as a business ethics we try to make our clients understand what contribution they would be making to save the earth by their sacrifices. 
Our Team
To be the biggest choice known in Africa for the provision of creative innovation and cutting edge transatlantic IT, E-business services and solutions.

The mission of AG-PLACID is to deliver high valued IT, E-Business services and solutions across the Atlantic focused on the emerging market of Africa beginning with Nigeria.
The objective drive of the company is to promote and deliver trusted and sustainable IT, E-Business services/solutions and facilitate trade/market integration between developed and developing economies, and among developing economies, especially Africa developing economies.

AG-Placid aim is to transform the way traditional business is done in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole by creating a platform to have all business transactions done in an electronic way.
Our primary focus is to provide high quality services spanning the full scope of the company’s diverse services in a safe, efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.
To achieve this objective, the company has outlined short, medium and long term plan in order to meet the needs of their clients with ease.

AG-PLACID is founded on a strong value and winning philosophy of reliability, innovation, dynamism, excellence and dependability. AG-Placid takes great pride in her quality and excellent of her services and performance. The company’s achievements over the years are perhaps best exemplified by the amount of repeat business she has received from major clients.
AG-Placid has vibrant, talented and well-equipped professionals as her board of Directors and top management.
AG-Placid is built on the assumption that the management of information technology for business is not inherently a do-it-yourself prospect. Smart business people need to find quality vendors of reliable hardware, software, service, Training and support. We are your trusted ally, we give you the opportunity to use us as your own staff because we have a lot resident skill in our core areas of operations within the company.
AG-Placid serves its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside consultant and support company. We make sure that our clients have what they need to run their businesses as well as possible, with maximum efficiency and reliability.
Many of our information applications are mission critical, so we give our clients the assurance that we will be there when they need us.
AG-Placid works hard to build trust with her clients from design to deployment and integration of information systems that suit the business process and environment.

We do it right first time!

Meet the Team

Company team

Beshel Ikwen, CEO

Beshel has been in the Telecom Industry for more than 18 years; even while in banking with First Bank of Nigeria, he specialised in E-commerce. Beshel is a well educated and widely travelled professional having studied in Nigeria and the UK where he obtained various graduate and postgraduate degrees in International Business, IT and Electronic Commerce. He is a born entrepreneur who has a record in creating new businesses. He has designed and deployed networks of various sizes at enterprise level and carrier class level, wireless Wifi, Wimax and LTE networks. An active member of the Information System Audit and Control Associate (ISACA) London Chapter. He possesses certifications in Networking and security; he enjoys creating IT solutions, some of which are in the pipeline to go commercial. He’s a member of many other IT professional bodies both at home and abroad. He has managed large scale E-commerce project including a clothing label. Beshel is the founder of AG-Placid limited, which he has managed to turn into a success story.
Beshel is also a co-founder of Clean & Garden Ltd a UK landscaping company
Company team

Ushang Ikwen, CMO

Ushang is a graduate of Math and Statistic from University of Calabar. Having worked with Investment and Security Tribunal Abuja for a few years, she left to join the management of AG-Placid Limited. She sits on both the executive board and the non-executive board of the company. Ushang has years of experience of taking new product to market, hosting of road shows and has recorded many successful product launch. She is a member of Nigerian Institute of Management. She is chartered member of the institute of purchasing and supply.

Company team

Niyi Raimi, CFO

Niyi is a qualified accountant with close to 20 years post qualification experience. An experienced ex banker with senior management experience in various businesses in Nigeria and UK. A graduate of University of Ibadan, Oxford Brookes University UK and London Metropolitan University where he studied Accounting and International Business respectively. Niyi has attended various management programmes all over the world and he’s also a qualified financial planner with expertise in financial structuring for both start-ups and matured businesses.