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          Business Centre Services

          We provide top class business centre services, you don't have to come to our location physically to be serve. You need to send in your request via email to bcenter@ag-placid.com. We have great graphic designers with the right tools and equipment to render first class business services which includes Graphics, Business Cards, Direct Image Printing, Lamination, Binding etc

          Our office is easily accessible with adequate parking space, in the popular Wuse 2 area of Abuja city centre. The environment is serene and devoid of the noise usually associated with business areas

          Please visit us today to enjoy our first-class services.
          Our Price-list
          Typing N150
          Photocopy N20
          Coloured Photocopy N100
          Coloured Print N100
          Printing N50
          Scanning of Documents N100
          Lamination N100
          Binding from N200
          Designs from N1,000
          Online Registrations from N500