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AG-Placid has been involved in the research, development and implementation of green and  renewable energy solution for over 5 years now. Our clients have found us to be on their side  because of the impartial way AG-Placid carry out her analysis, helping clients to achieve savings while delivering quality. AG-Placid signed her 1st partnership agreement with one of the  leading Solar energy system manufacturer in China; Qingdao Jiaoyang Lamping Co. Ltd.  Qingdao have a very good track record in delivering quality solar systems in sub-Saharan  Africa. In 2007 Qingdao undertook a street lighting project in Maiduguri, deploying over 4000  street lights in one single project. Since then we have formed other partnerships with other manufacturers such as Shenzhen Vango Technology CO. Ltd China a manufacturer of high  quality consumer Solar lighting systems. Most recently, we have aligned ourselves with the  objectives of the lighting Global by forming distributorship partnership agreement with 4 lighting  global manufacturers; Futura holding limited Italy, Sine ware Technology co. limited China,  Solar works B.V The Netherlands and Niva Next Energy Product Ltd Hong Kong, to distribute their products in Nigeria.

As energy  sources  are getting extremely limited in supply; sources such as oil, natural gas, and  coal. It is a matter of time before they will be exhausted. Estimates are that they can only meet  our energy demands for another fifty to seventy years. So in an effort to find alternative forms of  energy, we all have to turn to green and renewable energy sources, which have proved to be viable solution. 

Our solutions are divided into Green energy, and Renewable energy. Whichever one you  choose, you would have contributed your quota to saving the earth, secondly you would have  succeeded in solving your energy needs. AG-Placid green solutions include solar technology  and the use of wind turbine while in our renewable energy category we have our highly rated pure sine wave inverters. We have been involved in projects from as little as 1000 watts to  75,000watts. We have a team of highly skilled and professional engineers who are always  handy to work you through your individual projects. When we work with clients they always come to realise how much savings we would have help them to achieve because there are a lot inefficient and highly expensive solutions out there which have served as a source of frustration

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